Turn Left on Red Community Survey

Published on 07 September 2020


A new South Australian road rule allows drivers to turn left at any time at selected intersections, even when facing a red light.

🔴 I am looking for your feedback on where else this would work safely in our local King electorate?

On the recommendation of a local I was exploring this possibility at Marie Clark Drive Golden Grove yesterday.

So how do you know if you’re at one of these new intersections?

Easy – under the traffic lights, there’ll be a sign stating, ‘Left Turn on Red Permitted After Stopping’.

As the sign says, you’ll still need to stop at the line and give way to other traffic, cyclists and pedestrians in the intersection – and on the road you’re turning onto – before proceeding.

🔴 Please fill in my community survey below and have your say. Make your suggestion of where this would be safe in our King Electorate!

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Your feedback is important to us. Please answer our survey below.

Turn Left on Red Community Survey

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