Traffic to a Standstill

Published on September 2020

Clearing traffic congestion along The Grove Way has been a concern raised with me by local residents.

I have been listening to significant feedback from residents of the wider community who have passed on their concerns about the traffic gridlock at The Grove Way/Main North Road intersection.

Residents have also shared their concern about several junctions in the lead up to the intersection, notably the Bridge Road and Canterbury Drive junctions.

I have passed on all the feedback received. I am often speaking with residents about the congestion on this road.

Another issue that have been raised with me includes the Target Hill Road exit out of Salisbury Heights and the need to look for opportunities for a new U-Turn lane on Main North Road.

I will continue to strongly advocate for road infrastructure improvements - it is a timely reminder to ensure we stay patient on our roads.

I want to hear from you, if this is an issue for you, please email at:

Traffic to a Standstill

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