State Budget 2021/22 Health and Mental Health Update

Published on July 2021

I am excited to provide you highlights from the Marshall Liberal Government’s State Budget 2021-22.

You have told me that delivering better health and mental health services and creating jobs is very important to you and we have listened.

South Australians seeking urgent and ongoing mental health care will be further supported with an unprecedented $163.5 million package in the State Budget 2021-22, that will also help ease the pressure on our state’s emergency departments. Initiatives to be funded under the landmark Mental Health Package include:

✅ The construction of a new $48 million 20-bed older person’s acute mental health unit at Modbury Hospital

✅ $20.4 million to build, and $8.5 million per annum by 2024-25 to operate a new 16-bed Crisis Stabilisation Centre in the northern suburbs for mental health consumers

✅ $12 million to create additional Psychiatric Intensive Care bed capacity in the hospital system

✅ $8.4 million per annum (indexed) to support mental health services in the community and reduce the number of people presenting to hospitals

✅ $7.3 million to continue mental-health related supports specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic

✅ A $5 million investment to provide additional housing for people with mental health disability

✅ $5 million over two years to support the immediate needs of the mental health workforce

✅ $4.5 million per annum (indexed) to expand the delivery of urgent mental health care to the community, including through extending the Adelaide Urgent Mental Health Care Centre to a 24-hour model.

We are fixing ramping and easing pressure on our Emergency Departments by:

✅ Increasing Emergency Department Capacity – $110 million to add over 140 new treatment spaces at 9 Emergency Departments increasing capacity at those hospitals by 65%

✅ Easing demand for emergency services – Creating appropriate alternative service delivery options

✅ Tackling bed block – Improving capacity in hospitals by creating more appropriate accommodation options

✅ More staff and funding – More than 1000 extra health staff and 258 more ambulance service staff and an extra $0.9b annual spend since 2018

Healing our health system is at the heart of the Marshall Liberal Government’s State Budget 2021-22 which charts a path out of COVID for a stronger South Australia by creating jobs, building what matters and delivering better services. We are delivering a massive $7.4 Billion spend on health in 2021-22 to fix ramping and ease pressure on emergency departments. Key initiatives in the State Budget include:

✅ A $163.5 million mental health package, including the establishment of a new Crisis Stabilisation Centre in the northern suburbs, a new older persons mental health facility at Modbury Hospital and the extension of the Adelaide Adult Mental Health Care Centre to operate 24 hours a day

✅ An $86.1 million investment over two years to help fast track the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine to South Australians

✅ A further $149.2 million over two years to support the continuing public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic

✅ $393 million over five years to re-cast SA Health’s financial improvement targets, as it continues to respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic

✅ $45.1 million over four years to fund an additional 74 FTEs for the South Australian Ambulance Service, as well as additional ambulances and fit-out works at stations to accommodate the additional crews

✅ A $20 million investment to help reduce the backlog of people waiting for elective surgery procedures following the COVID-19 pandemic

✅ $1 million to complete a business case, and a further $5 million to acquire suitable land and begin early works on a new Barossa Hospital

✅ $3 million in 2021-22 and $5.3 million ongoing from 2022-23 to continue the Meningococcal B immunisation program for South Australian babies and young people

Locally we’re delivering a $98 million-dollar upgrade to the Modbury Hospital and this project has created 1,378 jobs so far.

We’re also delivering a $58 million-dollar upgrade to the Lyell McEwin Hospital which includes a new expanded Emergency Department and a purpose-built mental health facility. This project is creating 71 jobs per year.

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State Budget 2021/22 Health and Mental Health Update

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