Silver Linings

Published on September 2020

We have been through extraordinary times.

Our way of living and working has been challenged.

It is brilliant that together we have been successful so far in the fight against this extraordinary COVID-19 health challenge. There are certainly silver linings in these traumatic times. One of them is with the heightened appreciation of how reliant we are on our neighbours and on our broader SA community. Another silver lining is the reminder about how our family and work relationships matter. Another for parents and carers is a reminder of what an amazing job our teachers do!

As I made thousands of calls to people living in King, to check in on how people were doing, my heart was filled by caring stories of how people checked in on their neighbours, on their family and offered help. A wonderful story of a person giving toilet paper to neighbours and receiving pumpkin soup in return. Our local nurse Arisara who made masks and hair caps for her colleagues. Aroma Pizza House who gave away free meals to our front-line workers.

And we saw our local businesses cleverly adapt. Like Salisbury Signarama who started making counter screen protectors and free decals for local businesses.

At the same time, is has been heartbreaking to hear people have been prevented from seeing their closest family, to hear how grandparents have had to wave at their grandchildren through windows. It was tragic to attend funerals livestream. It was devastating to see people lose their jobs, to see businesses close, to learn about people suffering mentally from drastic changes to their daily routine. It was appalling to hear of the rise in online child sexual abuse.

On the bright side, a special silver lining in all of this is the reminder of the value of a phone call, a human voice, being physically near someone, a warm embrace. When we are through this crisis, every handshake and hug will mean so much more. As we rebuild our economy, we must all keep reaching out to others so our neighbours across SA don’t feel alone. My message to you is; you are not alone. I am a phone call or email away.

If you have a story of silver linings or kindness which you would like to share please send it through to or call me on (08) 8288 8218.

Silver Linings

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