Reducing your cost of living

Published on September 2020

Hardworking South Australian families are, on average, more than $660 per year better off under the Marshall Liberal Government since the election.

What a difference a change of government makes!

The typical South Australian family will save hundreds of $ a year.

For businesses, the savings will be even bigger.

On top of this we are also delivering cheaper electricity!

ESCOSA has released its annual update of energy retail prices showing that the average South Australian residential Market Offer for electricity went down by $96 reduction in 2019-20.

The $96 saving in electricity bills for South Australian households in 2019-20 follows an average $62 fall in household electricity bills during 2018-19, delivering $158 in savings during the last two years.

We are getting on with our promise to deliver lower costs for all South Australians.

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Reducing your cost of living

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