Our Services

Published on March 2021

As your local Member of Parliament, I am here to serve you and would be pleased to provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Provide a Justice of the Peace service (by appointment only)
  • Help you with matters involving Government departments
  • Represent local community concerns
  • Answer queries about local, state and federal issues

Congratulatory Messages

Special occasions such as milestone birthdays and wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating! I can assist in arranging congratulatory messages.

Letters of support for grant applications

If your club or organisation is applying for a grant, why not ask me for a letter of support? I’d be happy to lend my support to your project.

Post COVID-19 Tours of Parliament

I would be delighted to host you or your group for a tour of Parliament House once Parliament re-opens to the public.

Printing for our local community

Does your local community group, club or organisation in King need printing done for your newsletters or flyers? If yes, contact my office for further assistance.

Our Services

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