Little Para Reservoir is now open for you to explore

Published on November 2021

Located on the fringes of Greenwith, it offers bike riding, walking, running and picnicking – along with sweeping views over the reservoir and surrounding hills at the new lookout.

We’re opening reservoirs right across our state, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy more of what’s in our own backyard.

Have you had a chance to go for a stroll through the Little Para Reserve walking trails in our backyard?

Did you know that it is South Australia's youngest Reservoir?

The Marshall Liberal Government’s delivery on the commitment to open our reservoirs for recreational access has been a resounding success.

With larger destination reservoirs already open (and more on the way!) the smaller Little Para Reservoir Reserve is now also open!

Unlike our larger reservoirs, the peaceful visitor facilities in the Little Para Reservoir Reserve have been designed to add to the existing natural recreation offerings for nearby locals.

For people who would like to visit a reservoir with more facilities and activities we encourage them to visit other nearby reservoirs reserves that have been designed to cater for higher visitor numbers and a greater range of activities, such as Hope Valley Reservoir, and the Warren and South Para Reservoirs reserves.

The entrance to Little Para Reservoir Reserve is located at the end of Para Valley Road Golden Grove, next to the Tea Tree Gully motocross track. This can be accessed by walking or riding through the adjacent Little Para Reserve park, for which there are several entry points.

At this stage, Little Para Reservoir Reserve has been designed for the local community to access on foot or by cycling, rather than by a vehicle.

Visit: for more information.

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Little Para Reservoir is now open for you to explore

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