Home isn’t always a safe place

Published on September 2020

In a first for South Australia, the Marshall Liberal Government will fund a new, dedicated 24/7 men’s Domestic Violence (DV) hotline and support services in a bid to help stem family violence.

A $2.4 million funding boost from the Federal Government has enabled the Marshall Liberal Government to fast-track new domestic violence initiatives.

The new, immediate measures include:

• $900,000 for the 24/7 Men’s Referral Line

• $1 million to DV services across SA for brokerage packages for people experiencing abuse and violence to be used to pay for immediate support including transport, safety upgrades to property, financial counselling and support for children.

• The remainder of the funding is committed for a targeted, communications campaign and for upskilling staff.

In addition, the Marshall Liberal Governments Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme has proved valuable in warning South Australians if they’re living with an abusive partner.

The domestic violence disclosure scheme has been well utilised and uncovered people who are at imminent risk because of the criminal history of their partner. Police can reveal past convictions for crimes such as assault, stalking or threats and charges that were dropped or acquitted. People who are given information about a partner’s criminal record are prohibited from sharing it publicly, such as on social media. To apply to the scheme, visit: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/your-safety/dvds

My King electorate office is also a safe place to source information and make telephone calls.

Home isn’t always a safe place

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