Have Your Say – Termination of Pregnancy Bill

Published on October 2020

YOUR VIEWS please 🙏

I wish to understand people living in King's views on the private members bill "Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020"

This Bill will be debated soon and is a conscience vote (members are not obliged by the parties to follow a party line).


In South Australia abortion remains in the criminal law.
*This bill provides that abortion should be removed from our criminal laws and regulated like any other health service.

*Present abortion laws were introduced in 1969, with wording in ss 81 and 82 of the criminal law consolidation act adopting the same wording enacted in the United Kingdom in 1803.

*In Feb 2019 the Attorney General commissioned the SA Law reform institute to conduct an independent review of abortion law, practices and services with the aim of modernising the law in SA , link to report : https://law.adelaide.edu.au/…/south-australian-law-reform-i…

*It is suggested the present law in South Australia may make access to abortion more difficult and costly for rural and regional women.

*For further background you can reference https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/abortion/background

Please email me for a copy of the 2020 Bill at king@parliament.sa.gov.au

Thank you to those who have already expressed a view to me, these views are noted.

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Have Your Say – Termination of Pregnancy Bill

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