Expansion of the Marshall Liberal Government's Sports Vouchers Program

Published on July 2021

Thank you for having your say on the Sports Vouchers Program.

Simply put, there is strength in solidarity and your openness to speak out on what you believe is the best for your family is what creates great strength in our local community.

I am extremely excited to report to you, as a result of our local community feedback, more South Australian parents and carers will benefit from the extremely popular Sports Vouchers Program with the Marshall Liberal Government expanding the initiative to include students in years 8 and 9.

The Sports Vouchers Program gives mums, dads and carers a $100 discount on sports, dance or swimming lesson memberships or registration fees and helps to remove cost-of-living pressures on South Australian families. Due to our community feedback the program is now being expanded up to year 9 as part of an additional $1.6 million per annum investment in the State Budget 2021-22.

93% of constituents who had a say on the Sports Vouchers Program told me they wanted to see the sports vouchers program expanded to include middle school aged children (Year 8 and 9).

When we came into Government, we doubled the value of the Sport Vouchers from $50 to $100. This new measure brings total funding for the program to almost $10 million per annum. Anything we can do to encourage continued physical activity will not only have huge benefits on the health and wellbeing of our children and young people, but also positive flow on effects to the broader health system.

Many thanks again for sharing your views with me on the Sports Vouchers Program. Together as a local community, we have made this happen. I will continue to advocate for the additional suggestions made to me for expanding the program.

Expansion of the Marshall Liberal Government's Sports Vouchers Program

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