Electorate of King Boundary Changes for 2022

Published on March 2021

In August 2020 the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission proposed electorate boundary changes across the state.

In King, the Commissioner proposed the suburbs of Hillbank, Bibaringa, Uleybury and Yattalunga moved out of the electorate of King.

I communicated the proposal for change by email and social media. I was so happy when so many of you, particularly from Hillbank, shared your views on opposing the proposed changes.

The great news is Hillbank is staying in King. I am so very glad of this outcome as we are working together as a community to tackle some key local concerns.

My knowledge of how to help is building every day as you share your views and experiences with me.

Disappointingly though, the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission decided to move Bibbaringa, Uleybury and Yattalunga to the Schubert electorate in 2022.

I reiterate to every one of you who supported me in March 2018 that I remain your member, proudly so, until March 2022 when the boundaries change.

Please note that after the boundaries change, you will be represented by the Member for Schubert and I will continue to take an interest in your community.

Thanks to so many people who have welcomed me into your homes since 2017 and into your community.

My life has been enriched by it. It is an honour to serve you. We are stronger together.

Electorate of King Boundary Changes for 2022

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